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Richard Grimes on .NET weaknesses

Richard Grimes writes a farewell column in DDJ where he talks about the .NET platform here.

I don’t have much insight into the .NET platform, so it’s a pretty good read. Besides the weaknesses of the platform, the really interesting thing should be that MicroSoft might not believe in it themselfe. Maybe it takes time, but they are currently not eating their own dogfood. Why should others?

C++ in .NET

Alright, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on .NET, but I was surprised to find they have ported C++ to run on the CLR. Maybe I’m just slow catching up. Introduction here.

My first thought was that C++ might get the garbage collection from the CLR, but it seems this is only a partial feature, and a complete one is on their wishlist.

VisualStudio 2005 C# IDE Enhancements Walkthrough

A walkthrough with slides can be found here.

I have started reading .NET blogs lately and trying to gain some more insight. I’m going to have to get my hands dirty with VS some day to just see what it’s about.

I must say though. That most features in this walkthrough looks like it has been available in many Java IDEs for quite some time now. Maybe I’ll discover some more differences when I get into the actual program.