Exim4 commands

Alright. I’ve been wrestling with my Exim configuration the last couple of days. It seems I have to learn all the commands all over each time I find a problem so here is a short list for me to remember:

  • exim4 -Mlv [msg-id] : list history
  • exim4 -Mlb [msg-id] : list body
  • exim4 -Mlh [msg-id] : list header
  • exim4 -qff : force queue run, even on frozen messages
  • exim4 -M [msg-id] : force queue run on given message
  • exim4 -Mrm [msg-id] : delete message

I also found this snippet that should delete all messages that are beeing bounced back to non existent recipients (spammers):
exiqgrep -f "<>" -i | xargs exim -Mrm

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