99% posts on this blog are contributed by Anders. There are some other people that chips in sometimes too.


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Anders is a passionate agile developer  working in Oslo. He has long experience with development in large and small organizations and have occupied different as developer, architect, scrum master, team lead and DevOps.

He is passionate about:

  • Doing more with less. By reducing accidental complexity we can get more done.
  • Feedback loops. Software is incredibly complex. The more feedback you can get as early as possible helps us create better software that solves the real problems. This is both:
    • Technical. Compiler, TDD, deploys and observability.
    • User feedback. Did it work? Does it solve the real problem?
  • Radical feature focus. Do we really need this now? Do we have customers that will use it?

You can find me at the different networks below:


Articles page

Øyvind works as a consultant in Oslo, Norway. He does development on J2EE and J2ME and has past experience as a founder and technical manager at a small start up.

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