AjaxTags in Struts

Another addition to the new AJAX-hype is the AjaxTags, a struts tag-lib.

Looks pretty nice, but i don’t know if this is the smoothest way to do it. Perphaps a simple javascript in the jsp is just as easy, an extra taglib, recompiling struts.jar and another xml-config-file is not so tempting. Read this article for another AJAX-approach.

1 thought on “AjaxTags in Struts

  1. Frank W. Zammetti

    Hi… I noticed this entry and wanted to comment that AjaxTags is now a subcomponent of the Java Web Parts project (http://javawebparts.sourceforge.net) and is NO LONGER STRUTS-SPECIFIC. It is still very similar to the Struts version mentioned here, but can be used with or without Struts and is actually quite a bit more flexible and powerful. I agree completely with the unattractiveness (is that a word?!?) of the original Struts-only implementation, and if you thought that AjaxTags looked at all promising than I would very much suggest looking at the version in Java Web Parts. I think you may like what you see. Thanks for mentioning AjaxTags!


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