RSS junkie

When RSS feeds first appeared I didn’t think I’d use it much. My tests with some early RSS readers that notified me when it found something new just drove me nuts. I was unable to concentrate on anything, I constantly checked it for new items, and of course when it popped up.

Bloglines turned out to be my saviour. It’s just a website that incorporates all my selected feeds. My scanning technique has become quite good, and I monitor something like 160 feeds each day.

I imported everything into Google Reader and are going to check it out. I suspect I won’t like it. It seems it’s quite focused on entries, and with Bloglines I’m able to scan a large amount of headlines in a short time. As well as only scan a certain category, so I know what to look for in the headlines that scan.

Oh, and here’s my blogroll if you’re interested.

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