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FreeBSD thread started!

Hi folks!
I’ve just installed FreeBSD for the first time and plan to share the findigs that I do here on on this page.

I’m a rookie at the time being, but hope to advance into an expert as time passes. Well, atleast intermediate;)

Pentium III 800MHz
1 x 17GB SCSI
2 x 80GB IDE

Nothing much, but it does the trick

Tech Web

Web statistics

I found an article on that surprised me quite a bit. The site has gathered information about the settings that their readers use, and presented the numbers in tables.

Screen resolution:
According to their numbers of July 2004 only 10% of the computers had a screen resolution higher than 1024×768, and 50% (increasing) of the computers were using 1024×768. The surpricing part was that as much as 35%(decreasing) were still using the 800×600 resolution!

Div statistics
90% of the computers had JavaScript enabled in July 2004 (about the same as in July 2003).

In September 2004 IE 6 was used by 69.6% of the users which is the same as in 2003, but Mozilla has during the last year increased from 6.2% to 16.9%. O 7 has increased slightly, but the rest are decreasing.

The number of users of Windows XP is now at 55.9% and increasing, while the older Windows versions are decreasing. Linux and Mac has increased by 0.6-0.7%.

(W3schools has used their web page and some other sites to gather the data for these statistics.)

This site gives you free help setting up your router/firewall. It also has a list telling you which ports different games and applications will need.