The best regular expresion plugin for Eclipse

I’ve looked into some of the regexp plug-ins for Eclipse today, and QuickREx is, in my opinion, the best one out there.

If you have other favourites, please inform me:-)

The contributors to this project has also implemented a plug-in for developing XPath expressions.

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Shorter turnaround with JavaRebel

All of us have felt the pain waiting for the web-container to reload after just a minor change to the code. Well, recently i came across JavaRebel from ZeroTurnaround and they seem have solved our problem! And if you, as most of us, enjoy Spring you’ll also enjoy their Spring plug-in to monitor your context-files.

As they put it:

JavaRebel is a developer tool that will reload changes to compiled Java classes on-the-fly saving the time that it takes to redeploy an application or perform a container restart. It is a generic solution that works for Java EE and Java standalone applications.!

Promise me to have a look at their screancasts (found on the right hand side of the page). They also have a nice list of features and supported JVM’s and web-containers.

They also have a Google group that answers questions you may have.

I haven’t tried it yet but am truely looking forward to it:-)
And if you do, please post a comment and let me know how it went.


Synergy-Share mouse/keyboard

This application enables you to share your keyboard and mouse across numerous computers in your network in a flexible way. It supports both windows, Mac OSX and “Unix” (Linux, Solaris, Irix and other variants).

For instance, I use my Logitech MX3000 keyboard and mouse both on my dekstop computer and my brand new Dell Latitude D620(:D).