Curvy corners for your divs

Havn’t tested this myself, but it seems incredibly easy and adds that little extra to your layout. Check out CurvyCorners.

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Blogs and careers

Wow, blogs can help your career. I never knew. 😉 We’ll I did. And I guess most people that follows blogging a bit knows. Especially within the high tech industry where the web/google/blogs are used as a main information source. I google for information that is pretty technical each day, and I probably find around 40% or something of what I need on blogs.

I do this mainly out of interest, a small bit of fun (hey, I can’t deny it’s gratifying to see the stats go up) and a small bit of self promotion. Sometimes I blog a lot, and sometimes less. What I would really like to do is turn it towards a lot more content than just linking. That is my goal, but time rarely permits.

Rands is an excellent example of a good blogger. He really is one of my favourite bloggers in tech. Of course he blogs mostly management, but related to the software industry.

Maybe adding a bit of attitude to my blog would make it better? Nah, don’t have it in me. Maybe after a couple of beers like Matt suggests. 😉

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WordPress 2.0, not code friendly

So it’s been a couple of days since I upgraded to WordPress 2.0. Nothing really big, a bit slicker admin interface. WYSIWG editor and integrated spam plugin. I tried posting some code today though, and it all went bananas. Even the “edit HTML source” didn’t help since it removes < and > signs in between. I don’t want to need to translate all those. Not very code friendly at all. I’ll have to try to dig up some plugins/improvements.

Check out how seamless the switch between WYSIWG and WikiMarkup is in Confluence. I miss that. 🙂