Malcolm Events

Rands writes about the little things you forget that will screw you over. I know exactly what he means, and it is hard to propagate ideas and decisions throughout the project and organization. I have no silver bullet, and being quite new to the business I find myself experimenting with what works well.

In my current project we have a couple of things in our toolbox, and they are working to a certain degree. We do a weekly time boxed gathering where we talk about issues and solutions, and we use a wiki for documentation. But these are both weakened when you are in a hurry. Because time is sparse, people do not take the time to read up on the wiki, and discussions in the common meeting is sometimes not very detailed.

This is one of the hard trade offs you need to do. If you want to avoid the Malcolm events you should propagate the ideas to the entire organization and listen to all the feedback. The problem is that everyone is going to have some opinion, and the discussions will continue for hours if not days. So when do you stop discussing and try to agree, and just get something done? But if someone disagrees, will the result come out right? Who was just silent and think they understood all aspects, and have misinterpreted just a little bit?

What’s your tricks to get rid of the Malcolm events and get everyone on board?

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