Multiple teams and source

For quite a while now I have been spending way too much mind capacity on how to handle source when it comes to team-dependencies, library dependencies and database dependencies. There is certainly not a one size fits all solution out there, but Henrik Kniberg has a good introduction to the mailine model for handling source code.

I’m not convinced, but most of my scepticism could be written off to my mergophobia. It is mainly because I havn’t had the chance to practice it, and it is really something you need to have in your toolbox to be agile. I suspect many others share my phobia. On previous projects it has been sort of a pet peeve for me to point out that we should practice release-branches and fixes when we have the time. Not when everything else is burning like hell. Never really got there though.

We’ll scepticism aside. I guess my new years resolution (I just figured it out a month or two late) is to try more stuff without thinking it to pieces. I’ll probably get a lot more done that way. 🙂

BTW: QCon is on, and I’m not there. I had a blast there last year, so major envy to everyone that is.

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