Up north: the community is booming

My old boss for a summer internship has a good listing of what goes on in Oslo, Norway and the programming community. We acutally have the largest XP-meetup in the world, and rank 1st and 3rd (XP and Lean) on the agile-meetups as well. Being able to listen to and talk to people like Alistair Cockburn, Mary Poppendieck, Jeff Sutherland and Mike Cohn that bring years of experience into the game of agile is really inspiring and helpful. A lot of people attend these meetings on a regular basis, and bring the ideas back with them into their company and projects. Many of these speakers are here courtesy of Programutvikling, which also holds some excellent courses with the speakers.

I feel privileged to have such and active community, and also a lot of bright locals to learn from. I just have to find the time to attend everything. 😉

If you’re in Oslo and interested in the programming community check the many groups, it is likely that something is going on right now.

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