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Bash #1

I’m currently working on automating our deployment with Bash scripts. For a TDD loving Java programmer it can be quite hard to figure this all out, but I’m getting better. I don’t ever think I’ll start to love it, but maybe one day I can like it. 😉 I’ll try to share small snippets of what I learn here.

set -e
set -u

I always have these early in my scripts. That way I know if anything fails (set -e) and if any variables is undefined (set -u).

Any other tips?

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Bash -x flag to enable debugging is helpful. Or the alternative:

set -x # activate debugging from here

set +x # stop debugging from here

My advise: don’t use Bash for that unless those tasks only involve a few common Unix-like commands.

I don’t know how complicated your development process is, but if it’s complicated, then using Bash is inefficient and probably would only trouble you more.

Since you are a Java programmer, why not just write in Java? You are familiar with it. Or Python, Ruby, even JavaScript.

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