A messy network..

This is one of the reasons to why i chose to be a software developer;) But on the other hand, taking over a messy project that lacks documentation isn’t a pretty sight either.


Opinions and alternatives to Google Web Tool Kit (WTK)

Before you start using Google WTP i strongly sugest that you read this post by Jevgeni Kabanov. Do also check out the alternative projets the post refers to! There are lots of alternatives out there:)
Opinion: Will Google Web Toolkit Matter?

I’ve listed some of the projects here if you don’t bother to read the post(but you should):

  • Java2Script:
    Converts java to java-script (Has plugin for eclipse and uses Eclipse SWT libraries for the graphical elements)
  • DoJo:
    Provides a JavaScript Widget toolkit
  • Echo2:
    “a platform for developing web-based applications that approach the capabilities of rich clients”
  • DWR:
    “DWR is easy AJAX for Java.”

MIDP 1.0/2.0 SSH client!

Here is a fantastic SSH1/SSH2 MIDP1.0/2.0 client for mobile phones!
Fantastic isn’t it? Now you can administer your server no matter where you are:-P
It even works ok on my nokia 6230 with 128x128px display!

If you are convinced, punsh in in the wap/web browser on your phone and download it directly.