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Sigma 18-200mm DC OS arrived

Alright so it’s been a few days, but I have finally received my Sigma 18-200mm DC OS. For those of you that don’t understand those numbers it’s a zoom lens with a huge zoom range. It also sports a Optical Stabilization so all those zoom pictures won’t be distorted by my shaking hands. šŸ™‚ Below is a couple if pictures to illustrate the zoom difference compared to my last all round lens:

Zoom ca. 160mm:

Zoom ca. 55mm:

My impressions so far is that it’s a good all round lens, but I’m still getting to know it. It does require a lot of light at max zoom, but that’s just to expect. Check my photoblog for future postings with this lens. šŸ™‚ Read a more detailed review here.

Expensive hobby

When I bought my EOS 350D some months back I knew it was going to be an expensive hobby, but I was thinking I would have to buy lenses and a flash. Stuff like that. What I didn’t consider was that the CCD chip in SLR cameras are voulnerable to dust. On old SLRs you’d might get some dust on the film, but that was just that one picture, then the film moved on. So tomorrow I’m shelling out something like 1k NOK (125 USD) for cleaning stuff. And that’s probably just the first buy in. I’d like to get the Visible Dust brushes and kit and everything, but I’ll just settle for the sensor clean pack which is a lot cheaper over here.

Pop by my photoblog to see what I’m up to.