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Synchronized calendar and contacts

I’m a geek. I’m even a geek that try to stay organized, so I like to know that my data are backed up and available wherever I am. I see I still get some traffic from Google on a post that’s really not relevant any more, so this is sort of an update to that.


Google calendar is the hub of my calendar. Even though you don’t really like or use gcal it’s a great hub because there’s support for it in nearly every program that’s available. So from/to Google Calendar you can use:


For contacts it has always been sort of separate for phone and mail. With more and more happening on my phone it’s quite relevant to join these two registers. For contacts I guess the phone serves as some sort of hub. I use:

  • Goosync to sync contacts so they’re available in Gmail
  • ZYB to sync and clean up contacts (the merge duplicates feature is pretty nice). ZYB also has the surprising feature of updating your contacts with the latest information from Facebook. This also includes pictures, so suddenly I have avatars for many of my contacts.

I have a Nokia Series 60 phone, but Goosync which is used for both contacts and calendar only requires SyncML so it should work on many phones.


Symbian sweetness

My Nokia E60 arrived today, and from what I have tested so far it’s really excellent. I can’t really understand how Nokia could leave out timed keylock though. But since this is a sweet Symbian (9 something with Series 60 r3) phone there was no trouble installing an extra app that fixed that. Check out autolock if you need a timed lock. Now I just have to wait until I get my first mobile virus. 😉 I probably should invest in some AV software.


Sync GCal with your phone

Guess I’m a bit late, but this excellent J2ME app should let you sync your phones calendar with GCal. Of course my 6230 is not supported, but hopefully I’m getting a Nokia E60 in the near future. 🙂

Oh yeah, and here’s a plugin for Outlook to let you sync that, check it out here.