How to sync Outlook and Sunbird?

UPDATE: This is old and pretty irrelevant information. Check out this article: .

I’ve been googling a bit for how to sync my Outlook calendar and my Sunbird calendar. Nothing reasonable came up. Anyone got any tips?

What I basically want to do is sync my work Outlook with Sunbird running om my personal computer at home. I’ve already got my personal calendar served up through WebDAV on iCal format, so if I could just get Outlook to inteface that as well as the Outlook server everything would be just swell.

I found this software called Sync4J which supports SyncML, and might pose a solution. Outlook already supports SyncML so setting up a server and syncing that shouldn’t really be a problem. But Sunbird does not support SyncML as of now. A thin iCal wrapper to the Sync4J server might pose a solution?

Now I just have to find the time to look into it. 😉

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