Agile a thousand years ago

I went on a trip with three mates to see the western part of Norway this summer. You know, where the fjords and the mountains are. On one of the ferries I came across a poster with the Viking Laws on it. The authenticity could probably be disputed, but they fit nicely into agile software development. Agile isn’t all that new I guess. 😉 Here they are:

Be brave and aggressive

  • Be direct
  • Grab all opportunities
  • Using varying methods of attack
  • Be versatile and agile
  • Attack one target at a time
  • Don’t plan everything in detail
  • Use top quality weapons

Be prepared

  • Keep weapons in good condition
  • Keep in shape
  • Find good battle comrades
  • Agree on important points
  • Choose one chief

Be a good merchant

  • Find out what the market needs
  • Don’t make promises that you can’t keep
  • Don’t demand overpayment
  • Arrange things so that you can return

Keep the camp in order

  • Keep things tidy and organized
  • Arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
  • Make sure everyone does useful work
  • Consult all members of the group for advice

So now we can feel a bit rutheless and barbaric when trying to be agile. A good poster in any agile team’s room. 🙂